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The Ask

Signal their unique position as a truly alternative private training gym to a very particular type of client.

The Journey

For Definitions it’s all about culture. We knew that we had an opportunity to forge a truly meaningful connection with their customers, and communicate just what makes their culture special.

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The Experience

The design, like the business, is completely unfancy but beautiful and completely truthful. There’s nothing ornate or superfluous here. Straightforward is what gets it done. Definitions has never changed what they offer or their mission but they’ve evolved how they sell it. That ongoing engagement with the public, the continuous reinforcement of the company’s value in the lives of its clients, is a conversation we help to mediate for Definitions by design. And because of our well-synthesized relationship with the client we’re incredibly nimble, writing copy, designing ads, and personifying their culture in ways that continue to be truthful and resonant.

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