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The Challenge

Bring the brand identity back into sync with the quality of the product and the values of the company and set the stage for future growth.

The Process

Why do I need a brand refresh?” It’s a question we get asked a lot, but don’t always answer in the affirmative. Truth is, a brand refresh is not always the answer. But when it is, it’s often because the brand has evolved and the visual identity has not. Chances are, the original business thrived for years with the initial brand identity but now feels stuck, staid, old. A brand re-fresh demonstrates the vibrancy, energy and living stewardship of the business. It reminds customers of your presence in their lives, and they re-commit to engaging, supporting, and spreading the word about you.

For Zucker’s, that became clear with the presentation of mood boards that refocused the brand as plainly as this: Deli, not Diner. From there, our work involved applying the new identity to the entire Zuckers world: bags and wrappers, signage boards, messaging, and advertising. Everywhere customers and employees touch the brand.

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The Experience

Living tradition. The brand is firmly rooted in legacy, upholding the seminal New York bagels and lox mystique. It’s about community, the neighborhood, the family that’s been coming here for generations, knowing that in the tradition there’s always something new, something now to savor. To pass along to the next generation. The current Zucker’s generation experiences the legacy in every satisfying bite.

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