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About Memo

In an era of 140-character life stories, MEMO strives to go deeper. We help clients discover who they are, allowing them to create lasting bonds with their customers. Bonds based not only on what you sell, but on how it makes your customers FEEL. This doesn’t take a huge team or elaborate titles. It takes people who aren’t afraid to ask questions, who care enough to listen, and who are committed to excellence. People who aren't only interested in creating pretty things, but in solving clients’ challenges with brains AND beauty.

After Over 20 Years in this Business, You Learn a Few Things:

· Only work with people who want to be great
· Great brands tell great stories
· Good design IS good business
· Strategy without design is like a road trip without a car
· Cats really are smarter than dogs

Our Team

  • Douglas


    A potluck dinner for 12 at home in Brooklyn. Fearless leader. Intrepid omnivore. Maker, educator, mentor. When Douglas isn’t leading his team, he’s at home working on a Chopin Nocturne or on one of his semi-annual eating tours to Italy.

  • Brendan


    Some dive bar somewhere. Well liquor. Millenial designer extraordinaire. Dotter of i’s, crosser of t’s. Two-wheeled explorer of the road less traveled.

  • Jennifer


    Rice & beans kitchen somewhere in Newark. Writer of things and thinker of words. When Jennifer isn’t procrastinating, she’s busy playing Legos with the kid or at one of her teaching gigs.

Extended Partners

Our Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to branding.

  1. Mood

    From the first few notes of the overture to Le Nozze di Figaro, you know you’re going to have a good time. Provide clues to the overall experience. Draw from the vernacular language of specific places, our collective memory, the emotional state of mind we’re trying to convey, etc. Get the customer in the mood. Get their taste buds flowing.

  2. Scene

    Holding a two-dimensional piece of brand collateral can be exciting; Living inside a branded environment is transporting. Work closely with designers and architects to let the brand narrative influence the overall service space design.

  3. Voice

    If you want people to feel comfortable in your restaurant, why talk about it like it’s an MRI clinic?  Be natural, Be yourself, Be honest.

  4. Variety

    Let’s face it — people have attention spans like fleas these days. Plus, you have to be many things to many people... In order to keep them interested you have to work hard. We believe in creating identities that can evolve, morph, present different aspects of your business, surprise, and delight. As our friend and client Cristina F. once said: “If we’re not having fun with our brand why should we expect customers to do so?”

  5. Culture

    Are your customers passive users or loyal brand ambassadors? What do you stand for? Customers want to BELIEVE — not in what you sell but in who you are. They want to be friends. This takes a sincere voice, honest, authentic core beliefs, and a willingness to share.


  • Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Restaurant creative direction

  • Design
    • Brand identity
    • Logo/marks
    • Architectural installations
    • Signage
    • Menu strategy
    • Packaging
    • Website
    • Social media

  • Management
    • Project management
    • Branding guidelines
    • Consultant management

Know How

Besides a long history of teaching at many New York City design schools and frequent lectures on branding and typography, Douglas is a proud member of the faculty at the International Culinary Center in New York for their Culinary Entrepreneurship program. The program aims to give participants the tools and strategies to launch a new business within the growing food industry. Douglas’ work there helps students identify and clarify their unique brand position and sets the stage for it to inform every aspect of their creative and business development. Which is not dissimilar to the services we provide every client with. 


315 W 39th Street
Suite 1106
New York City 10018

(212) 388-9758