Branding a confectionary and culinary fantasy world that appeals to young and old alike.



Sugar & Plumm


Positioning & Messaging
Brand Identity
Architectural Signage
Menu Strategy


2011 - 2015


The Ask


Memo Productions was hired by Sugar and Plumm to “tweak” an existing “identity” and develop collateral materials for a new over-the-top bakery, cafe, candy shoppe and retail store. This quickly evolved into a much broader identity project and restaurant branding assignment including chocolate packaging, retail packaging, in-store signage, and advertising.

The brand experience was extremely rich: Exotic spaces which capture the spirit of adventure. The journey begins like this: Willy Wonka walks into a Parisian tea room . . . now you write the ending. This is where adults go to feel like a kid again, and kids go to feel just a little big grown up. Customers of all ages were served treats from macarons, to artisan chocolates, to perfectly prepared salmon crêpes, or a perfect hostess gift. Our design strategy mirrored this vast array with a suite of typefaces, a set of complementary brand colors, mix-and-match patterns, and fun, engaging messaging.

The Work

The pieces were assembled carefully so that the mix, though whimsical and bold, was always sophisticated and upscale. The packaging, in particular, is designed to appeal to the store’s broad clientele – from children to adults and from customers seeking a simple treat on their way home to those purchasing a sophisticated gift.   

Above all, the Sugar and Plumm experience an adventure lived in the mind, on the palate and with all the senses.

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