Creating an immersive brand experience where curiosity, creativity, and community drive the brand story.  





Positioning and strategy
Brand identity
Creative direction
Environmental graphics


2014 - Present


The Ask

Create and curate the brand identity for a marker maker with multiple iterations (brick-and-mortar market destinations and seasonal pop-up markets) and diverse constituents (landlords, vendors, neighborhood partners, and customers).

The Work

Our work with Urbanspace has helped them identify two important brand promises which serve as the foundation for everything they do. To vendors it is the fact that Urbanspace exists to help them scale and grow. To customers it is the promise of an immersive public dining experience which fosters creativity and community. Like a computer processor (think Intel), Urbanspace operates as the background brand that powers the conversations that takes place between makers and consumers.

As consulting Creative Directors for Urbanspace, we ensure that every step of the customer journey is carefully curated and in sync with the bigger picture. We have created a brand identity that lives well in print and digital, but more importantly unitfies many diverse physical spaces – pop-up holiday and seasonal markets as well as permanent ones. Every market experience is unique, yet what binds them together is the foundation provided by the Urbanspace brand.

Through the spring and summer of 2018 we worked with Urbanspace and their corporate partner Citi to develop and activate the first-ever Citi Urbanspace Challenge, a competition created to uncover the culinary superstars of tomorrow.

As our relationship continues to expand into new ventures, we marry our know-how in branding and culinary entrepreneurship with Urbanspace’s knowledge of what makes markets successful to guarantee that customers will find iconic spaces and authentic experiences.

#1 brand

Consistently cited as the leader in food halls in the United States

Market expansion

planned across the United States starting
in 2019

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