Creating an immersive brand experience where curiosity, creativity, and community flourish.  





Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Architectural Signage
Environmental Creative Direction


2014 - Present


As the leader in the creation and curation of public markets, Urbanspace plays a unique role: a mix of behind-the-scenes curator, talent incubator, and community organizer. Accomplishing this requires a great deal of design and branding expertise, especially in the culinary sector, which is what brought them to Memo.

As consulting Creative Directors for Urbanspace, we make sure that every customer finds an exciting, immersive experience where they can discover new things, meet new people, and find new ways to connect with the city they live in. Urbanspace markets provide a bright spot in today’s retail landscape, as customers retreat from traditional models and the cost of entry for small culinary entrepreneurs is ever increasing.

Our work includes consulting with vendors as they bring new concepts to the markets, managing the design of the overall market environment, working with an internal marketing team to produce market collateral, and working with an extended team to activate corporate partners such as Citibank. Throughout all these endeavors is the desire to communicate the unique stories of the vendors and connect them with inquisitive customers.     

Warm, vibrant and sophisticated, Urbanspace is a welcoming vehicle for its alliance brands. Dynamic without feeling haphazard. Vendors are eager to be a part of the Urbanspace community; customers are fully engaged; and landlords and partners are assured of any project’s success.

#1 brand

Consistently cited as the leader in food halls in the United States

Market expansion

planned across the United States starting
in 2019

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