What drives our brand strategy

We rejoice in the power of food to bring people together and are continually inspired by how culinary and hospitality brands reflect and add to our collective humanity. Bonds with customers are forged not only by the products and services you sell, but by the stories you tell and the way they make your customers feel. Achieving this takes people who aren’t afraid to ask questions, who care enough to listen, and who are committed to excellence.

Our promise:

Curiosity and understanding of each client’s personality and goals.
A sophisticated team dedicated to giving your brand the attention it deserves.
Actionable strategic insights and top-notch design with an eye towards your ROI.


Our process

Creating a new restaurant concept is like a jigsaw puzzle. There’s tons to do, you don’t know where to start, and sometimes you obsess about one corner and forget the big picture. Our advice: Start with brand. It’s the center piece. And with that solid foundation, every other decision will fall into place.

The benefits

You’ll be empowered to make every creative and business decision knowing what’s right for your brand. You’ll be able to engage other creative professionals knowing that they’re contributing to your vision, not theirs. You’ll be able to speak to investors, collaborators, and employees in a way that sets the stage for a future brand storytelling to customers and press. In short, our work provides you with Clarity, Efficiency and Focus.


Delivering on the brand promise starts with getting in touch with who you are. We’re not looking to dress you in the latest styles that might not last. Our goal is to get to the real you – and help it shine.

> Brand strategy
> Positioning
> Market research
> competitive analysis
> Brand architecture
> Brand storytelling

Brand design

Strategy without design is like a roadmap without a car. We literally sweat every detail to create seamless applications of your brand story across every customer touchpoint.

> Brand identity
> Art direction
> Collateral design
> Packaging
> Copywriting
> Digital / Web / Mobile apps

Brand Experience

Your brand can seem like a recipe with many complex ingredients. Like a great chef, we combine elements with precision and balance so that customers are presented with clarity, not confusion.

> Creative direction
> Signage
> Environmental design
> Customer experience