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2008 - 2017


When Andrew and Jon Schnipper sold the highly-successful Hale & Hearty Soups they devoted their energies to a new fast-casual restaurant venture. Having worked with Memo to create and expand the Hale & Hearty brand, they once again turned to us to bring to life the Schnippers quick service concept of “food we want to eat – every day.”

Working with them on the first location in the New York Times Building, we helped them create an energized environment which served a wide range of clients — from tourists experiencing the hubbub of Times square, to the scores of neighborhood regulars who come for the quality and variety of the food they serve.

For us it was all about the familiar. The Schnipper brothers wanted to create a restaurant for food they love to eat. The challenge was how to signal the incredible quality of their kitchen with the down home feeling of comfort that was the foundation of the brand. We realized we had an opportunity to leverage the best attritutes of both by drawing on a 50s era aesthetic: a time when quality and comfort were synonymous. An era of the roadside cafe where you could get a great meal at an affordable price.

The opening of a third NYC location marked the further development of the brand. The interior architecture of this location is warmer and more sophisticated than the first two locations — and the sleek, American design of the 1960s informed the brand’s evolution. Comic book-style food illustrations make customers feel at ease, and the casual tone of the writing we developed for take-out packaging communicates who the Schnipper brothers are and what drives them.

Our work with Schnippers helped them grow to 5 locations throughout Manhattan serving more than 25,000 meals a week.

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