Creative Team


Douglas Riccardi


His flag planted firmly in New York restaurant scene for over 20 years, Douglas’ experience in guiding and shaping the image of leaders in the hospitality industry is cemented in the intersection of excellence in design execution and creative storytelling. Douglas is a proud member of the faculty at the International Culinary Center in New York for their Culinary Entrepreneurship program. His work there helps students identify and clarify their unique brand position and sets the stage for it to inform every aspect of their creative and business development.


Ben Osheyack


Centered, logical, and grounded, Ben approaches designing for brands with considerations for how to cement their longevity and flexibility towards changes in trends. Ben is experienced in orchestrating tangible experiences that customers want to relive over and over.


Anna Park


Korean by way of Vancouver, Anna brings a multi-cultural perspective to the office. Deeply versed in global popular culture, Anna keeps one eye on her phone and the other completely focused on the future. She also has an unexplained love for lasagna for lunch.