Helping a Los Angeles superstar chef navigate the world of fine casual dining through value-driven brand storytelling.





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2016 - Present

The Work

Brand storytelling generally aims to achieve one of two goals. Often we harken back to a specific time and place and craft a brand experience rooted in memory or fantasy. Other times we take our cues from the emotional deliverables of the brand and create an experience based on a specific frame of mind. For BäcoShop we tried to do both: to bring customers to a strange new land, filled with exotic flavors while at the same time encouraging them to relax and unwind through an approachable, clean, and thoroughly modern experience.

The incredible flavor-filled bäco is a perfect vessel for Josef Centeno’s unique point of view. Indescribable layers of flavor – complex and sublime – delivered in sensual simplicity. For Centeno’s first foray into fine casual dining, we created a brand experience rooted in the exotic made familiar. Adventure made accessible. As Chef Josef requested, a “place to forget life for a minute and recharge.”


“BäcoShop is the lunch hero Culver City needs right now.” — Eater LA

“I’d bet on BäcoShop’s success.” — LA Weekly

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Architecture: Bells & Whistles